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Shoyu Bros Premium Shoyu 500ml
Shoyu Bros Premium Shoyu 500ml

Shoyu Bros Premium Shoyu 500ml

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Food | Premium Gourmet Shoyu (No Alcohol)

First pressed soy sauce infused with wild garlic. Made from Non GMO Canadian soy beans. No MSG added. A unique character, with a strong earthy & mushroom scent. (Some say it smells like truffles!).

Great for daily use with breakfast eggs or simple noodles or for fancier special dishes such as seared tuna, grilled seafood or meats.


Shoyu Bros Premium Shoyu is made from fermented paste of soybeans, roasted grain, brine and Aspergillus sojae mould. Aged for 9 months under the sun. Combining high quality natural ingredients and traditonal methods to ensure a rich and premium soy flavour, layered with aromatic redolence.