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Shareen’s Obsession: The Underrated Strathmill

Having had my fill of the bold yee sang and lup mei fan flavours this Chinese New Year, I find myself searching for aromas and flavours that are more quiet and delicate. From within the depth of my whisky subconscious, I hear the whispers for ‘Strathmill’. 

Strathmill is a very underrated whisky. The distillery itself is unremarkable to look at and almost always overlooked by visitors to the town of Keith, who make a bee-line for the very picturesque Strathisla.

Strathmill whiskies are distinctly delicate and elegant, thanks to the lyne arm and the condensers on the still that have been fitted with purifiers. Although official bottlings are rarely seen, the independent bottled Strathmills that I have enjoyed have always had a refreshing fruit (think ambra, or kedondong as it’s locally known) nose with a characteristic soft, buttery mouthfeel.

Another independent bottler, Duncan Taylor, has a Strathmill that has been finished in a sherry octave cask, retaining its signature mouthfeel but adding a nice angle of raisins and fudge to this elegant spirit. 

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