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Fit For The Ages: The Glenfarclas 185th Anniversary Bottling

One of Speyside’s iconic distilleries, Glenfarclas, celebrated its 185th anniversary of legal distilling by releasing a limited-edition single malt, made from the distillery’s best casks selected from its dunnage warehouses.

The work in producing this celebratory bottling started two years ago, when Production Manager Callum Fraser (pictured below) was tasked with finding the best casks that he and his team felt best represented the distillery’s 185-year history.

Glenfarclas Production Manager Callum Fraser.

In the end, they selected 35 of the distillery’s best casks that spanned across six decades, and carefully married them to create a whisky that pays tribute to Glenfarclas’s heritage over the years.

Said George Grant, the sixth-generation member of the Grant family that owns Glenfarclas: “Due to my grandfather’s foresight, here at Glenfarclas we are very fortunate to have casks in our dunnage warehouses from eight different decades, from the 1950s to the 2020s. Some of our ware-houses even predate the 185th anniversary we are celebrating, as ‘uisge beatha’ was being made at Glenfarclas a good few years before a licence was held.

“To mark 185 legal years we have selected some of our finest casks from across the decades and put together a whisky with old, rich, sherried flavours that remain fresh and vibrant in your glass.”

The result is a uniquely rich and well-balanced sherried single malt bottled at 46% abv, with notes of dried fruit, oranges, stewed berries, Christmas cake, baking spices and toffee throughout the palate. This is one dram that you shouldn’t rush to finish.

What others have said:

“It’s great how they manage to let the older whisky speak and keep the younger casks at a distance. A great refill-ish profile at an easy-going strength and with a very fair price! Highly recommended” – Ruben, 90/100.

“This was a fascinating dram, rather unique, definitely something I’ve never had before. It goes beyond the Glenfarclas standard bottle flavor profile into new territory.” — Reddit reviewer EK. 85/100.

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