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Angostura Bitters Cocoa 48% 100ml (10cl)

Angostura Bitters Cocoa 48% 100ml (10cl)

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48% | 10cl |  Bitters

Few flavours delight one’s palate in a way that leaves you wanting more. None more so than the rich taste of cocoa! Angostura, celebrated worldwide for its rich history in creating aromatic and orange bitters, has expanded its renowned collection to include Angostura cocoa bitters.

Only the world’s finest, the Trinitario cocoa from Trinidad and Tobago are used to make these bitters. This, paired with 200 years of unparalleled bitters expertise, have resulted in this truly decadent, indulgent new flavour. 

Top notes of rich bitter, floral, nutty cocoa with a bold infusion of aromatic botanicals provide endless possibilities to remix classic cocktails and put a luxurious spin on a main dish or a sweet treat. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the few countries designated as a 100% fine or flavour cocoa producer. A status it has held for decades.


Espresso Martini Cocktail


1 ½ oz Vodka

½ oz Coffee liqueur

1 oz Brewed espresso coffee

½ oz Simple syrup (1-1)

6 dashes ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters


Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Pour into chilled cocktail glass. Optional garnish with a coffee bean