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Collection: KomBuCha Cocktail Promotion

You've probably noticed that everyone from your yoga instructor to your neighbour next door is drinking Kombuchas these days. In recent times, Kombuchas have been touted with health benefits but we have found that they taste AMAZING as an easy non-sugary mixer for your cocktails.

We have worked a collaboration with the cool folks at MVT Kombucha and for a limited period, we are GIVING away 2 bottles of Kombuchas with selected gins, rums and whiskies (worth RM12 for each bottle!).

The natural tart flavours of kombuchas are perfect for sour cocktails. We find that a proportion of 1 part spirit to 1-2 parts MVT Kombucha works best, depending on how strong you like your cocktails. MVT Kombuchas are fermented longer with real fruit (as opposed to fruit concentrate) and have a depth of flavour which suits cocktails at home.
(MVT Kombuchas are give or take 40 calories per 300ml bottle)

Tip : Add kombuchas last to your cocktail as that will preserve the slight kombucha fizz.
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